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Dimora Santa Margherita, an ancient farmhouse of the 1600s, is a relais de charme overlooking 360 degrees of silence and beauty.
The location is located in a small town, an ideal setting for those who love to live special moments in a romantic setting, surrounded by an elegance full of flavor and tradition.

"I wanted to rediscover the joy of my summers as a child - says the "landlord" William Boselli - for this reason my wife Elisabetta and I have traveled far and wide throughout Tuscany. Then, they found this little village and we fell in love with it. By the way, "fleeing" to Tuscany was the dream of both our parents".

Elisabetta and William, who also fled Milan, took years to make the dream real. Years of research of original materials, years of meetings with local artisans, years to create the atmosphere that you breathe today: that "vintage-chic", refined yet simple, that makes the guest feel at home, from whatever side it comes from.

Dimora Santa Margherita is famous for the breathtaking view that continues to excite us.
To thank it we surrounded it with laurel and lavender plants, roses, oleanders that we joined to the olive trees and centuries-old oaks. This splendor seemed to us to deserve also an "olfactory direction".
Of course, there is no shortage of "tall and frank" cypresses, as expected "by contract" from the best Tuscany.

Dimora santa margherita is an escape in time. Just a glance from a window and you find yourself in front of a Renaissance panorama. And this happens in all suites. All with handmade terracotta floor, all with exposed beams, important walls and an olive tree guarding each entrance. The renewed rooms have been transformed into suites, different from each other and equipped with private gardens, overlooking the olive grove that embraces the sinuous hills.
The terrace, which opens onto the horizon on the green valley, until you see the sea and breathe its scent. On the clearest days you can enjoy the view of the island of Montecristo. Every moment lived in the Dimora Santa Margherita is unique and pleasant, since waking up in the morning in the quiet, between the scents and the warm light, which filters through the large windows and regenerates the body and soul.

Dimora Santa Margherita is an ideal destination for a refined and exclusive holiday in Tuscany. Nature here prevails over everything.


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